Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pallets Crative use treated with chemicals?
Pallets are treated in a variety of ways when being manufactured, some with chemicals and some without. Fortunately, all pallets now require an IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) logo along with a treatment code: HT = Heat Treated or MB = Methyl Bromide. We, at Crative, only every use the HT labeled pallets as they are only treated by heat solely for pest control purposes and are not harmful for your health.

Where do Crative get their pallets from?
Crative has a regular used pallet supplier who specifically collects and sells unwanted pallets.We also sources pallets from various places – from used industrial sites to nature strips. We do, however, ensure we always ask before helping ourselves to pallets, as some (usually painted red or blue) are the property of specific pallet companies and are regularly collected and redistributed by a courier.

Is each item of furniture different?
Each item of furniture has been carefully handmade in Melbourne, using recycled mix wood pallets. Each product is completely unique depending on shading of pallet. Therefore, variation in colour are a natural feature of this piece, imperfections are all part of the character and history of each item.