Vertical Herb Garden

Pallet Made Vertical Herb Garden

A unique take on the vertical garden – natural and upcycled. Absolutely perfect for small spaces and empty walls. Fill with fragrant herbs or colourful plants for a beautiful, rustic wallscape.

The Crative Vertical Garden, originally a pallet that has been specially modified, resulting in six 150mm deep planters, for sufficient root and herb growth. Each planter has drainage which feeds the level below. The face has been smoothly finished and naturally waxed to emphasise colouring of the wood.

1200 (l) x 800 (w) x 150 (d) mm
Half 675 (l) x 800 (w) x 150 (d) mm

Fully planted – Vertical Garden complete with potting mix and your choice of Herbs

Full  (6 planters)                            $225
Half (3 planters)                            $145

Unplanted – Vertical Garden ready for planting
Full  (6 planters)                             $145
Half (3 planters)                             $ 105

Built in drip irrigation system also available (Full pallet only – additional $40)

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